Annual Continuing Education Conference

2019 Conference Handouts

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Advocacy & Ethics - Jacobson

Autism: Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, & Bain Network Connectivity - Landburg

Connections between speech sound production and LITERACY - Farquharson

Everyday Advocacy: Lighting the Way for the Professions - Fleming

Impacting Educational Outcomes by Improving Language through the Implementation of AAC Intervention - Cirlot-New/Hreish

"I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!" Practical Language Sample Analysis - Powell

Medical Speech-Language Pathology -- Best Practice - Jacobson       (Click here for the References)

Narrative Intervention to Support Language and Literary Development - Gillam

Transforming the Lives and Families of Students with Dyslexia and Comorbid Conditions - Webster

Two Professions, Many Settings, ONE License - Powell