Online Continuing Education Conference



Once you finish viewing the sessions, complete the following steps to obtain CEU credit:

· FORMS: All participants must download, complete and submit the following forms via email, after watching all their sessions, in order to obtain ASHA CEUs. If you have trouble filling out any portion of the ASHA CEU forms, you can send it your ASHA number and your information via email separately.

1. ASHA CEU Form/Bubble Sheet (Only fill out the top portion and circles indicating your name and ASHA ID) Important: If you attended pre-conference and main conference sessions, you need to submit two separate ASHA CEU forms.

2. MSHA Needs Assessment Form

3. MSHA Session Form (This is where you mark which sessions you viewed, the total number of CEUs earned and the learner outcomes at the bottom)

· FORMS SUBMISSION: All completed forms need to be filled out and emailed to GINA JENKINS at ALL CEU FORMS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 10, 2020. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

· MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE CREDIT: For those of you seeking CE credit from Mississippi College, please fill out the Needs Assessment Form and a MSHA Session Form. Send those two forms via email to Gina Jenkins The VP for CE will then put your MC codes for the sessions you attended on the MC form that you need to submit for CEU credit. The amount you owe will be determined by the number of CEUs you are requesting.

If participant does not recall the sessions he or she viewed, please email:


ASHA Pre-Conference

ASHA Main Conference

Needs Assessment Form

MSHA Session Form