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MSHA Student Leadership Academy

09/15/2021 - 10/31/2021

The MSHA Student Leadership Academy


***Apply Starting Sept 15 ***


Are you a 1st year SLP or 2nd year AuD graduate student that wants to gain leadership skills? 

MSHA has a NEW Student Leadership Academy that can help you stand out in a crowd!


 MSHA wants you to gain leadership experience while learning all the great things MSHA has to offer! You can become an effective student leader, bring new ideas and growth to your organization and easily transition into an active member of your future profession


APPLICATIONS WILL OPEN Sept 15 and will be accepted until Oct 31, 2021

Check the website at


For just two hours of your time each month you can learn from the pros, gain invaluable skills and make lifelong connections 

*********Stand out from the other students with this set of skills!*********


MSHA Student Leadership Academy Program Overview: (January 2022 - June 2022)

The Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association seeks to create a Student Leadership Academy (for first year SLP and first and second AuD) graduate students in speech-language pathology and audiology programs in the state of Mississippi. The MSHA Student Leadership Academy will be an online educational leadership opportunity to prepare students as future leaders in our professions. Following suit with ASHA and its recognition of the importance of leadership training, MSHA would like to expand leadership training to the future of our state association and our professions. The Student Leadership Academy will be organized and led by past and current MSHA Executive Board members and Committee Chairs. The MSHA Student Leadership Academy will be organized and delivered in 6 virtual learning webinars, over a period of 6 months.


Course Description and Timeline


Module 1 January 2022: Leadership for Future Professionals

This introductory webinar will help students distinguish between leadership and management. Students will learn about different leadership styles and how to identify ways to adapt their leadership behaviors in order to apply it to different situations. This will help one gain foundational knowledge about project management and effective implementation for future ideas and growth.


Module 2 February 2022: Identifying Strengths and Goal Setting

Students will discuss the concept of Emotional Intelligence, how to assess it, and how to enhance it in order to grow as a leader. Participants will identify their own strengths and weaknesses based on an Emotional Intelligence assessment, and define actionable goals to strengthen their EI and career goals and projects.


Module 3 March 2022: Professional Communication

Participants will learn soft-skills of nonverbal communication and standards of professionalism. They will discuss appropriate correspondence, cover letter/resume building, networking, how to best receive constructive criticism and how to influence others. In addition, there will be additional focus on conflict management, diversity, equity and inclusion topics and resources.


Module 4 April 2022: Solution Based Critical Thinking Skills

In this webinar, students will distinguish between thinking styles: creative, critical, and systems-oriented thinking. Students will also learn about critical thinking and generating solutions to problems and how to apply this concept with project management goals.


Module 5 May 2022: Organization, Time-Management and Productivity Skills

Participants will learn about strategies and organization with project management and how careful planning is an integral part of the process. Helpful time-management strategies will be reviewed as well as looking at the importance of productivity measures, work ethic and follow through with projects. Participants will learn that failure can at times be a motivator and catalyst for persistence and eventual success.


Module 6 June 2022: Ethics, Advocacy and Professional Issues in SLP/AuD

In this module we will review the role of ethics as it pertains to professional practice and leadership. We will discuss how to maximize your involvement in community, state, and national professional organizations and highlight the many benefits and challenges those  organizations face today. Participants will be taught how to invest in themselves professionally and how to appropriately advocate for patients, colleagues and their profession. In addition, we will discuss burnout warning signs and how to develop strategies for a thriving career for many years to come.


MSHA will help you elevate your new career while building better leaders for tomorrow!

DEADLINE for Applications is October 31, 2021

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